Review of Reformed & Evangelical across Four Centuries

Reformed & Evangelical across Four Centuries, The Presbyterian Story in America by Nathan P. Feldmuth, S. Donald Fortson III, Garth M. Rosell, and Kenneth J. Stewart. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2022, 364 pp. This is a valuable book which holds the interest of the reader, no small feat for a book on Presbyterian history. The …

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The Changing Name of the Village of Unionville, NY

Today’s Unionville, NY had other names in its early years. According to the histories, it was once known as “Tucker’s Store” since an early resident, Henry Tucker, operated a store out of his house here. Then the general area was referred to as “Westown” (with one “t”) or “Westtown” (with two “t’s”) being as it …

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An 1878 Surprise

Two newspapers noted a surprise wedding at the Unionville Presbyterian Church in 1878. The first is the Evening Gazette of Port Jervis, NY of August 1st of that year. The second, similar but with a few changes, is the Tri-States Union, also of Port Jervis, NY but from the next day, August 2nd.  

Repentance and Assurance

I have often seen Christians doubt their salvation because of concerns over whether they have sufficiently repented of their sins. Their mindset is something like this: “I’m told I must repent to be saved, but I keep sinning, therefore I must not be saved.” This mindset, however, generally misunderstands the nature of Biblical repentance and …

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A Buswell Bite on “Barth’s Contradictions”

[I find Buswell’s comment here interesting since his friend Gordon Clark would make the same argument (that Barth is hopelessly contradictory) in his 1963 book “Karl Barth’s Theological Method.” Buswell is making that argument a decade earlier in this quote from 1950 in “The Bible Today”, June-September 1950, p. 261-262.] “Barth is always changing. My …

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