Herod Herod Herod.

Herod the Great had a son named Herod Philip I (not to be confused with his other son, Herod Philip II) by his 2nd wife Mariamne (not be confused with his 3rd wife, Mariamne II, who incidently is the mother of Philip II, also known as Herod II who should not be confused with Herod

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On Literal Interpretation of the Bible, Part 2

Genre Analysis In “Hermeneutics, Principles and Processes of Biblical Interpretation” by Henry A. Virkler (not to be confused with the Fonz, Henry Winkler) we read the following regarding genre analysis or literary form: “For purposes of our analysis at this point, it is sufficient to speak of three general literary forms – prose, poetry, and

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Praise and Worship

To praise is to say good things about. To praise God is to say good things about God. This certainly should not be difficult for those who love God. God is the creator of the world, our provider, our savior, and in whom we have hope. To worship is to show dedication. To worship God

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