The Quiet Minister

I recently gave a sermon on the virtue of gentleness. And this provided an opportunity to bring up an idea that has been developing in my mind for some time. I call it “The Quiet Minister.” This idea of “The Quiet Minister” came to my mind as the opposite of the brash young ministers and

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Repentance and Assurance

I have often seen Christians doubt their salvation because of concerns over whether they have sufficiently repented of their sins. Their mindset is something like this: “I’m told I must repent to be saved, but I keep sinning, therefore I must not be saved.” This mindset, however, generally misunderstands the nature of Biblical repentance and

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On the Requirement of Being a Member of an Evangelical Church to Take Communion

There are a number of requirements to take communion in a Reformed or Presbyterian church. While specifics may vary from church to church, before participating in communion a person must be baptized, must be of sufficient maturity to “examine yourself,” must not be under church discipline, and must be a member of an evangelical (or

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Fault Lines and Flimsy Theologians

Voddie Baucham names names in his recent book, Fault Lines, The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism’s Looming Catastrophe. He identifies a number of theologians with evangelical or even once-conservative credentials who have bought into at least some of the errors of Wokeism. These theologians include Tim Keller, Russell Moore, David Platt, Mark Dever, J. D.

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