The Book Business

Not even a week ago I got the idea to start a business selling used books online.  Since then, with a few minor investments, I’ve acquired a library of 131 different titles and about 800 books total.  In the first week I sold 17 books totaling $200.  It has been averaging 2 or 3 books

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Engineering Jobs

I’ve been looking for a contract engineering job for the offseason from Seminary.  Most job posts, rather than explaining what the job is give a bunch of nonsense.  Here’s a compilation of all the cringe-worthy stuff I’ve had to read all put into one: Oh the possibilities… Don’t aim for success if you want it;

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Various Notes

Note 1: Akkadian I’m studying the ancient Akkadian language.  This is not a course in Seminary, but an interest of mine. Akkadian, named after the city of Akkad in ancient Mesopotamia, is a Semitic language (along with Hebrew, Ugaritic, and others).  For over a thousand years the Sumerian language was in its ascendency in the

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Book Learnin'

If any of my readers would like to support a Seminary student (a.k.a ME) here is a list of books I’d like to study. Please buy them for me! Send them to (Doug Douma, 6160 Country Rd #130, Westcliffe CO, 81252) and I will be massively in your debt. I consider myself a “free-agent” theologically

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A Prayer

How can I find myself in a Christian Seminary being trained to deliver the Word of God when I am so sinful? My selfishness knows no bounds. All my waking hours I’m calculative and evil. I don’t listen to others. I brag about myself. But, of what is there to brag? Is not all that

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Hiking Texas Trails

Here is a report from all the hikes I’ve made in Texas. Hikes near Austin: Barton Creek Trail(s) – This trail, or collection of trails, is also called the greenbelt. Since it is accessible from Zilker Park and other locations in South Austin it is quite a busy trail. Popular with hikers and bikers alike.

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