Douglas Douma

Secular Morality

“Empiricism cannot establish any norm of morality. I am not saying that secular morality and Christian morality are different. A recent defense of abortion, a TV interview, was that the government should enforce only rational morality and not revelational morality. My point is that so-called “rational morality” does not exist. The reason should be easily understandable.

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A Prayer

How can I find myself in a Christian Seminary being trained to deliver the Word of God when I am so sinful? My selfishness knows no bounds. All my waking hours I’m calculative and evil. I don’t listen to others. I brag about myself. But, of what is there to brag? Is not all that

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Herod Herod Herod.

Herod the Great had a son named Herod Philip I (not to be confused with his other son, Herod Philip II) by his 2nd wife Mariamne (not be confused with his 3rd wife, Mariamne II, who incidently is the mother of Philip II, also known as Herod II who should not be confused with Herod

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Mile 2186 Katahdin, ME – Reflections on a completed thru-hike.

I summited Katahdin at 11 AM on Sunday August 18. The trek is now complete and I’m staying for the week in Blue Hill, ME at Scout’s house. I summited with Spoon, Silver, Calamity, and Sherpa. On the same day reaching the summit was Johnny Walker, Jeremiah, and Misery. We had great weather in Maine

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