Brave Men Follow Me, The Life of Patriot Samuel Meeker (Part 8 of 10)

VIII. Selling of Lands at Samuel Meeker Sr.’s death.


Many of Samuel’s lands had been sold in his later years. What was left was sold after his death.

The following sources have been discovered on the subject:

1805, Oct 14, Auction of lands of Samuel Meeker, deceased.

“FOR SALE BY virtue of an order of the orphan’s court of the county of Sussex, of August last, will be sold at public vendue; on Monday the second day of December next, between the hours of twelve and five of said day, the following property, late of Samuel Meeker deceased, viz. four LOTS of LAND, containing thirty-seven and a half acres, situate in the township of Wantage, near the York line. The vendue will be held at the house of Stephen Strong, when conditions of the sale will be made known; and attendance given by JEDEDIAH SAYRE, Admr. Deckertown, Oct. 14, 1805. 73-4w. – Sentinel of Freedom, October 22, 1805.

1806, Mar 3, Sussex County 0 83 through 0 85, Jedidiah Sayre (by virtue of decree from the orphans court held at Newton) sells to Agnes Bartholf sale of 4 lots of land of Samuel Meeker deceased, containing 37 acres, situate “in the Township of Wantage near the York line.” Agnes Bartholf highest bidder. $125. All that lot or tract of land situated lying in the township of Wantage in the County and State aforesaid, near the york line known by the name of Meeker’s Island. Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of Stephen Strong, George Backster. (1) North forty five degrees and ten minutes east five chains and five links to Jeptha Meekers land, thence by the same (2) south thirty degrees east eighteen chains and fifty links to the out line of the original survey thence, by the same (3) south twenty three degrees west eight changes thence (4) north eighty six degrees west four chains then (5) north thirty one degrees and forty five minutes west ten chains and twenty links, thence (6) north ten chains and ninety two links to the beginning containing 16.90 acres

SUSSEX ORPHAN’s COURT, May Term, 1805. On application for Orders to sell Lands. JEDEDIAH SAYRE, administrator of Samuel Meeker, dec. And Henry Hankinson, administrator of Ezekiel Holmes, dec. having severally filed their respective inventories on their oaths and also having exhibited to this Court, true accounts of the debts and credits of the said decedents, on like oath, as far as they have been able to discover the same, by which decedents it appears that the personal estate of said decedents are insufficient to satisfy their respective debts and expenses, Therefore, on application of the said several administrators, setting forth that the said decedents died, seized of Lands, tenements, hereditaments and real estate of the said Samuel Meeker and Ezekiel Holes, dec. do appear before the Judges of tis Court, on the 3d Tuesday in August next, at the Court house in said county of Sussex, a ten o’clock before noon, to shew cause, if any they have, why so much of the real estates of the said decedents shall not be sold, as will be sufficient to pay their respective debts and expences. A true Extracts from the Minutes. D. STUART, Surrogate, May 23, 1805. – Published in Sentinel of Freedom, July 16, 1805