Books I read in 2023

Well, this was a banner year for NOT reading books! My peak reading was a few years ago now, and I’m way down. Only 12 books read this year! Yikes! I’m an ignoramus. Out of touch with the world of literature. The only remedy for this is for you to send me all your favorite books.

Well, I did manage to publish a book this year, “The Grand Old Doc.” (Now Available with the Trinity Foundation). So that is something.

And, yes, that was also the best book I read this year. Honestly, if I didn’t like my own book I wouldn’t have published it.

Besides my own book, the best one I read this year was Krakauer’s “Under the Banner of Heaven” with Mark Christian’s “The Apostate” a close second. And there is some similarity with these books. They are each windows into other worlds of religion; fundamentalist mormon and fundamentalist islam, respectively.

Here are the rest that I managed to read in the in-between moments of a busy life as husband, father, pastor, and missionary.

1. Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer, 10/10

2. To Rescue the Republic (Ulysses S. Grant), by Bret Baier, 8/10

3. L’Abri by Edith Schaeffer (3rd reading), 8/10

4. The Old Faith in a New Nation, by Paul Gutacker, 9/10

5. Your Father’s L’Abri, by Gregory Reynolds, 8/10

6. Disillusioned, Why I Left the Eastern Orthodox Priesthood and Church, by Joshua Schooping, 9/10

7. The Elder and His Work, by David Dickson, 6/10

8. R. C. Sproul, A Life, by Stephen J. Nichols, 6/10

9. The Apostate, by Dr. Mark Christian 10/10

10. The Apostolic Church, Which is it? by Thomas Witherow, 9/10

11. The Grand Old Doc, by Douglas J. Douma, 10/10

12. The Best of G. Campbell Morgan, 8/10

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  1. Rev Charles H Roberts

    I read Under the Banner of Heaven a few years back and you are, IMHO, correct to give it a solid “10.” It’s a gripping, sad story, one that few people likely ever heard of.

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