NOW IN PRINT: “The Grand Old Doc, Articles on the Thought of Gordon H. Clark”

My new book, The Grand Old Doc, Articles on the Thought of Gordon H. Clark has been printed and I’ve received the first box of 40 of them from the publisher, the Trinity Foundation. They will be available there,, sometime after Thanksgiving. UPDATE: NOW AVAILABLE HERE 


I’m very thankful for all who assisted in this effort, especially Benjamin Wong who contributed to one of the essays, and Tom Juodaitis of the Trinity Foundation who chose to publish the book and rescue me from my consideration of self-publishing it. 

As I have only received a limited number of the books myself, I ask that those interested in purchasing the book go directly to the publisher. But if you share this blog post on your social media (and let me know you’ve done so via email at douglasdouma at yahoo) I’ll put your name in a drawing for you to win a free copy for Christmas. I’ll give out 5 signed copies free by that method. [Edit 12/5/2023 – I’ve decided to do the drawing now. I’ve had 13 people share my post – (1) William Christophides, (2) Joel Tay, (3) Patrick McWilliams, (4) Jeffrey Setiwan, (5) Andri Pellondou, (6) Ben House, (7) Steve Brinegar, (8) Sam Colon, (9) Cody Almanzar, (10) Ryan Hedrich, (11) Stuart Davis, (12) Travis Caka, and (13) Scott Moore. So I’ve taken 13 live, large, and numbered rabbits in a small hat and have drawn out five of them. (or some similar method). And the winners are … rabbits #3, 4, 6, 11, and 12. At least one of these people live outside of the US and surely will be extra happy for the book. Winners, please be sure to tell me your addresses.]

This is actually only the second best piece of news this week. The top item, if you haven’t heard elsewhere, was the birth of my son, Evergreen Daniel Douma, born Tuesday, November 21 at 5:50 AM, 7 lbs, 13 oz, 20 in. He and Priscilla are doing well.

Praise God from whom all blessing flow.


4 thoughts on “NOW IN PRINT: “The Grand Old Doc, Articles on the Thought of Gordon H. Clark””

  1. Doug – wonderful news on both fronts! Congratulations on the birth of a new book on GHC and, far more importantly, on the arrival of your son! Many blessings to your family!

  2. Great news! Congratulations on the birth of your son and can’t wait to read the book! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I just saw your book available on the Trinity Foundation website and ordered a copy. I look forward to reading it during my Christmas vacation time over the next few weeks.

  4. Rev Charles H Roberts

    So glad to have this book and the essays and articles contained therein. An excellent contribution to the much needed revival of interest in the work, and life, of one the greatest of all Christian philosopher’s, Gordon H Clark.

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