Would you like to see my sermons recorded?

Hey friends and readers of my blog,

A colleague of mine has told me that having his sermons on Sermonaudio.com has been of benefit to his church and to many others outside of the church. Would you like me to have my sermons recorded and available there as well?

There are two issues that need to be sorted out. First, at our small church I don’t have a “tech guy.” But, with a bit of work I could record sermons on my phone or by some other means. The other issue is more significant. I am loathe to add another expense line to the budget of our church. Therefore, I’m looking for a donor interested in paying for our sermonaudio.com subscription. Let me know if you are interested.

In other news, my book “The Grand Old Doc, Articles on the Thought of Gordon H. Clark” is soon to be published by the Trinity Foundation. Look for it! And, I’ve begun work on my next book, a devotional for hiking the Appalachian Trail, title TBD. Please pray for me in all these efforts!

1 thought on “Would you like to see my sermons recorded?”

  1. Doug – Yes please! I would love to access your sermons in audio form! I was actually surprised some time ago when I visited your church’s website and didn’t see any audio sermon links. But, be aware that sermonaudio monthly fees have recently increased.

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