Brief Notes on the 2023 Bible Presbyterian Synod

I had an excellent time at the 86th General Synod of the Bible Presbyterian Church held this year in Greeneville, TN.

This year’s theme was Biblical Revival, although with an unchecked typo, all of the programs, t-shirts, etc. said “Biblical Revivial.” Rev. Carl Van der Merwe of the host church, Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church of Greeneville, TN, well-recovered from this minor embarrassment in declaring that this typo was a good reminder of how true Biblical revival depends on the Lord and that we can do nothing without Him. Actually I recorded the quote: “God is saying ‘you can’t even spell revival correctly, how can you start it?'”

The day before Synod we had our annual meeting of the Presbyterian Missionary Union where, among other things, I was glad to be approved for hiring an intern for our mission work again next year with Sola – Appalachian Christian Retreat.

A change to the BPC Form of Government, brought forward at the last synod and since then approved by all of the presbyteries , was declared approved. The change clarified the wording of one section to now read as follows: “The Bible Presbyterian Church believes that marriage is limited to a covenant relationship between one biological man and one biological woman, that gender is biologically determined, and that there are only two human genders: male and female. We deny that gender is a fluid self-expression.”

As in past years, I was glad to meet with friends, old and new. This year, two notable new connections were in attendance from Wichita and Mexico. It is good to hear of the Lord working in many places. The sermons and singing of Synod were also enjoyable. I think overall this was my favorite Synod yet that I have attended and I really look forward to those, Lord willing, in years to come.