The Quiet Minister

I recently gave a sermon on the virtue of gentleness. And this provided an opportunity to bring up an idea that has been developing in my mind for some time. I call it “The Quiet Minister.”

This idea of “The Quiet Minister” came to my mind as the opposite of the brash young ministers and theology students I frequently see online who castigate people for differences that hardly seem to merit such a reaction.

The Quiet Minister is patient and gentle. He knows from the Bible and experience that quick reactions and harsh responses will not win the day or win a person to the Lord. Instead, his is the approach of Proverbs 25:15 “with patience a ruler may be persuaded, and a soft tongue will break a bone.” But Biblical gentleness or meekness is not weakness. As one author recently put it “harshness is a hammer, gentleness is a mallet.” And so The Quiet Minister disciplines his flock, and does so with care, being greatly respected by his people.

The Quiet Minister is the circuit rider of old, or the long-time pastor who has preached more funerals that he can count, whose mere presence comforts the grieving. He seeks to have the approachability of Christ, whom the little children came to.

We could all learn to be more like The Quiet Minister.