4 thoughts on “The Presbyterian Philosopher, Part 18, Chapter 13 – “Gordon Clark’s Later Years””

  1. I finally got your book. I look forward to reading it . I do have a question. Dr. Clark, being part of the Fundamentalist/Modernist debate by working with Dr Machaen and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC), did he ever work with any of the other Fundamentalist denominations outside of the OPC? Before 1942, did he ever work with the Baptist? I’m not I’ll sure if the Methodist had a Fundamentalist sect. Basically, did he work with any Fundamentalist outside of Presbyterianism?

    1. Hey Brian. Thanks for buying a copy of the book! Just about all of Clark’s life and work was within Presbyterianism. He had some well-known Baptist students at Wheaton College (Carl Henry, Paul Jewett, Harold Lindsell, etc.) and was friends with Ronald Nash, a Baptist theologian/philosopher. I think he once spoke or preached as a visitor at a Baptist church. But I know of no interaction of his with any Baptists or Methodists on a denominational level.

      1. Between 1915 and 1930, in your research, did you find a record of attempts by the KKK to infiltrate any of the Presbyterian sects?

        1. Never a word of it. But I wasn’t seeking out that subject at all. I did read some of a volume or a year or two ago about the Federal Council of Churches and the communist infiltration. I’d be glad to hear what you know of KKK infiltration into Presbyterianism. I suspect that would have to be in the old PCUS (Southern) church?

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