My Woodworking Shop – Open for Business

In the last few years I’ve developed a hobby of woodworking. I’m now glad to offer products for sale, custom to the request of the buyer. I’m “vertically integrated” doing all the work myself from the cutting down of a tree to sawing into boards, drying, design, milling, cutting, routing, and finishing. I’ve primarily worked in Black Walnut but am glad to offer other woods when available.

Pictured below are some of the projects I’ve already completed. While these have all been spoken for, I’ve listed on each the price I’m offering to build you a similar or slightly modified version. If you need a sign or a custom piece of furniture, send a request my way.

Firewood storage box with iron hinges. ($1,000)


Signwork for a local museum ($1000)


Homeschoolroom Table ($750)

Parkbench ($500 if bench ends are provided)

Signwork #2 ($1,000) From two types of cedar.