6 thoughts on “The Presbyterian Philosopher, Part 12, Chapter 9 – The Butler University Years (1945-1973)”

  1. Doug,

    What is your interest in Jonathan Edwards? Was Gordon a big fan of him? Do you think his philosophy is the closest to Gordon’s? I understand men like John Piper being a fan of Edwards but feel this a little antithetical to Gordon Clark.

    1. I have very little knowledge of Edwards. My interest in him is that I’m hoping to learn much from his writings. Perhaps someday I can do a comparison piece with Clark. Surely there is some overlap, but I don’t know that it is major. I think Clark only scarcely mentions Edwards. He was more influenced by the Westminster Divines and Charles Hodge, etc. (Augustine, Calvin).

  2. Really Edwards was not very Congregational in theory, which is what matters.
    Thus he ended up President of Princeton, death preventing him from serving there long.

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