Finding Meeker’s Meeting House

In a previous post here I noted the existence of a Meeting House that predates all of the churches in my area. Today I went and found it with the help of a local property owner nearby. The Meeting House, built on the land of Samuel Meeker in the late 18th century, is now is mostly just a depression in the ground with some stacked-stone walls. There is however also a piece of a rusty fence there that may be related to the cemetery at that location. Back at the property owner’s house, I took pictures of some gravestones which had been removed from the cemetery by previous residents many years ago.

The next step in my research is, I hope, to tie the whole story of this Meeting House together, especially explaining how its demise may have been related to the consequent rise of other churches in the area, particularly the Unionville and Westtown Presbyterian Churches.

1 thought on “Finding Meeker’s Meeting House”

  1. Intriguing finds, Doug.

    I also enjoy studying and researching local history, genealogy, and trying to piece these kinds of things together (within the greater scope and context of American history and world history).

    I imagine to be especially interesting to do so in a place like Unionville. Have fun!


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