A Buswell Bite on “Dispensationalism”

[From a letter of J. Oliver Buswell Jr. to John W. Sanderson Jr., October 19, 1940]

“Note that I am in the habit of using the word ‘dispensationalism’ to refer to that doctrine which teaches that certain portions of the Scripture are ‘on legal ground,’ or in other words that in certain parts of the Scripture and in certain periods of history God held forth to the human race a different soteriology, a different means of escaping the lake of fire, a meritorious religion, a dispensation of law apart from grace. I certainly believe that there have been dispensations or different economies in God’s dealing with the human race. The Westminster standards clearly recognize this face. The word ‘dispensation’ is used therein in its correct and scriptural meaning.”

“If the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. had been faithful in teaching the great doctrines of the Bible, such as are set forth in the Westminster Shorter Catechism, the errors of extreme dispensationalism would never have led astray so many of the flock fo God.”

1 thought on “A Buswell Bite on “Dispensationalism””

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Just because there are different eras doesn’t mean God has a different plan of redemption. Gal.3.19 makes this clear that the promise found in the Mosaic Covenant is fulfilled in Jesus. The Law made Israel realize they needed a High Priest and Sacrifice since this is the only place they could resort to after being made aware of their sin. Christ both fulfilled the Law and the Jewish Sacrificial system supremely. This is one reason Ps. 40.7 speaks about Jesus. See Heb. 10.7, Lk. 24.27&44, Jn. 5.39, etc.

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