A Buswell Bite on “Barth’s Contradictions”

[I find Buswell’s comment here interesting since his friend Gordon Clark would make the same argument (that Barth is hopelessly contradictory) in his 1963 book “Karl Barth’s Theological Method.” Buswell is making that argument a decade earlier in this quote from 1950 in “The Bible Today”, June-September 1950, p. 261-262.]

“Barth is always changing. My friend, Professor Samuel Hamilton, wrote him some years ago in the interests of a graduate student. The inquiry had to do with certain apparent contradictions in Barth’s commentary on Romans. Barth replied, “Ja mein Herr Professor, that is so, I do contradict myself; so ist das Leben, Life is that way.” And he proceeded to point out a number of other contradictions in the same book! Changes and contradictions are characteristic of the Barthian literature from start to finish.”