The Only Truth

One of Francis Schaeffer’s greatest contributions was to warn Christians about what we now call Postmodernism, that truth-denying relativistic philosophy which in the last fifty years has had considerable and increasing sway over society. Schaeffer did well to warn us of it.

For at least two hundred years the rationalistic philosophy of Modernism plagued the world and fought against Christianity before it began to fade in influence with the rise of Postmodernism. Now, the beginning of the end of Postmodernism has come after a far shorter reign and much more abruptly. Pastors who warn about Postmodernism are, in many ways, behind the times. In just a few short years Postmodernism has given way to Wokeism and its affiliates, Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality.

While Postmodernists saw truth as relative (and therefore non-existent), the new philosophy ranks a person’s truth claims relative to the amount of oppression they perceive to be upon the group or groups that the individual is a member of. Truth is not so much based on violence, but violence is justified through “truth.” Many of the same Postmodernists who told us for decades that there was no truth, are now the advocates of the new philosophy suddenly willing to fight for certain truths, all of which are lies: sodomy, bodily mutilation, and their own form of racism.

While Modernism, Postmodernism, and yes, even Wokeism, will come and go, Christianity is here to stay. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We should warn Christians against the new philosophy, and preach the comfort of the truth of Gospel of Christ to those ensnared by the world’s confusion.

Problems always start with epistemology. The solution does too. No human attempt, no human philosophy, as learned as they may be, will ever come to a knowledge of the truth. We are incredibly fortunate as Christians to know the only truth, Jesus Christ. The God of the Bible has revealed himself in His word so that truth can be known.

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  1. Another reason to love Gordon Clark is his focus on the Univocality of Scripture. Scripture is not a bunch of ambiguous metaphors. We do not worship an “Unknown God”! We know the truth and we are set free.

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