Calvin on Faith and Belief

Calvin on John 7:38 – He who believeth in me. “He now points out the manner of coming, which is, that we must approach, not with the feet, but by faith; or rather, to come is nothing else than to believe, at least if you define accurately the word believe; as we have already said that we believe in Christ, when we embrace him as he is held out to us in the Gospel, full of power, wisdom, righteousness, purity, life, and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit.”

3 thoughts on “Calvin on Faith and Belief”

  1. Good quote Doug! Calvin had a great definition of faith as well. I just wish he was more consistent in his understanding of it. I do not understand how he could believe Simon Magus really believed the gospel although it did not penetrate to his heart. See Barbara Pitkin’s eye opening study “What Pure Eyes Could See” .

  2. Doug,

    I am currently reading “The Complete Works of Andrew Fuller Volume 9” and notice the constant emphasis that Fuller was “Edwardsean” and in the Diary of Isaac Backus volume 2 editor William McLoughlin ( states that Backus contributed “to the great theological debate over the views of Jonathan Edwards and the redefinition of Calvinism”.

    What are your thoughts on Edwards redefinition of Calvinism? In what ways did he redefine Calvinism? I assume since both of these men (Backus and Fuller) were revivalists and were the most vociferous antagonists to Sandeman’s view of faith that maybe the thought is Edwards redefined Calvin’s view of Faith?

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