A Village without Mailboxes!

My family and I are working on getting settled in Unionville, NY, a trail town along the Appalachian Trail. Unionville is so small, in fact, that it is not a town but a village! It does make for a nice stop for hikers with an Italian restaurant, a general store, a post office, and a camping area.

Well, one of the historical novelties here is that there are no mailboxes! Somehow long ago it was decided that the village is too small to have mail delivery. And so everyone gets a free P. O. Box at the post office and collects their mail there. The fact that there are no mailboxes probably is missed by the average pedestrian walking about town. Mailboxes just aren’t something one looks out for.

As my regular readers know, not only have I taken a call to pastor the small Presbyterian church in this village, but my wife and I are working on starting a mission to hikers on the trail. There is a ton of potential here as a mission field. You can read more about our work at discoversola.com, and if you find yourself in the area stop on by.  Just don’t look for our address on mailboxes!