GHC Review 56: The Works of Gordon Haddon Clark

The numbered volumes of The Works of Gordon Haddon Clark all published by the Trinity Foundation include the following:

1999. The Pastoral Epistles. Vol. 15.

2000. Thales to Dewey. Vol. 3.

2000. A Christian Philosophy of Education. Vol. 10.

2004. Christian Philosophy. Vol. 4. The combined edition of: [Religion, Reason and Revelation (1961) 1995], [Three Types of Religious Philosophy (1973) 1989], and [An Introduction to Christian Philosophy 1993].

2005. A Christian View of Men and Things. Vol. 1.

2005. Commentaries on Paul’s Letters. Vol. 12. The combined edition of: [Colossians (1979) 1989], [Ephesians 1985], [First and Second Thessalonians 1986], and [Logical Criticisms of Textual Criticism (1986) 1990].

2008. Modern Philosophy. Vol. 5. The combined edition of: [Dewey 1960], [William James 1963], [The Philosophy of Science and Belief in God (1964) 1996], [Language and Theology (1980) 1993], and [Behaviorism and Christianity 1982].

2009. Clark and His Critics. Vol. 7. The combined edition of [The Philosophy of Gordon H. Clark 1968] and [Clark Speaks from the Grave 1986].

That means volumes 1, 3, 4, 7, 10, 12, and 15 have been completed. I recall Tom Juodaitis at the Trinity Foundation telling me that he has interest in publishing at least one more volume in the series, if not everything in due time.

These volumes can in many cases be acquired for less expense than buying all of the original books individually. However, I’ve found that I prefer to cite from the original versions for historical context.

The best thing of this series is probably Clark and His Critics which brings back the material of the hard to find The Philosophy of Gordon H. Clark.

For the previous review in this series see here.

5 thoughts on “GHC Review 56: The Works of Gordon Haddon Clark”

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  2. Doug – from your contacts with Tom Juodaitis at the Trinity Foundation, what is the remaining sets of Clark writings that would be used to fill in vols. 2, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14 of Clark’s Works? And, second, what is the rationale for this particular numbering scheme–i.e. why skip the intervening volume numbers unless there already was a clear idea of what content would fill those volumes?

    1. I don’t know the answers to these questions. I thought I had a partial answer from Tom in an old email, but cannot seem to find it. I was thinking of emailing him again this morning, but I don’t want to bother him with too many emails!

      I’ll be sure to make a note here if I do find out the answer to these questions.

  3. To expand on my prior comments, it seems to me that repackaging “Ancient Philosophy” in the Works volume series would be a worthwhile addition. In addition, I would think that his Essays would also make for a good volume for his Works. It’s too bad, however, that his systematic theology manuscript won’t be published–that work would definitely be a fitting capstone to his writings.

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