GHC Review 55: Ancient Philosophy

GHC Review 55; Ancient Philosophy

Ancient Philosophy, by Gordon H. Clark, The Trinity Foundation, 1997, 495 pp.

This book is valuable in that it reproduces otherwise difficult to find material. But it is a bit awkward in that in reproducing material from multiple early Clark books, it contains two sections of each the Pre-Socratics, Plato, Aristotle, and the Hellenistic Age.

Part I, pages 1 through 255 is reproduced from A History of Philosophy (1941) previously reviewed here.

Part II, A through D comes from articles Clark wrote for Zondervan’s Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible, A History of Philosophical Systems, ed. Vergilius Ferm, and the journal The New Scholasticism.

Part II, E is Clark’s dissertation, previously reviewed here.

F through K are published articles of Clark’s on Plotinus.

All of the material comes from the earlier years of Clark’s writing.

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