GHC Review 53: God and Evil

God and Evil, The Problem Solved, by Gordon H. Clark, Hobbs, NM: The Trinity Foundation, 1996, 60 pp.

This book was originally a chapter in Clark’s Religion, Reason, and Revelation. See here for my review of that volume.

It has been printed with a few different covers. I’ve got two of the variations, but unfortunately I am unable to access them at present due them being packed away in boxes for my upcoming move.

Anyone studying Clark’s view should be sure to read also his essay “Determinism and Responsibility” found in his Essays on Ethics and Politics. Clark’s view of God as the cause (but not author) of evil has proven controversial. But that is mostly because of Arminian opposition (like Clark found at Wheaton College) and because of the widespread ignorance of the teachings of the Westminster Confession of Faith.

See also The Presbyterian Philosopher pgs. 52-53, 192-194.

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