GHC Review 3: Selections From Early Greek Philosophy

Selections From Early Greek Philsophy

Selections From Early Greek Philosophy, Milton C. Nahm, ed. New York: Appleton Century Crofts, 1934, 302 pp.

To this volume edited by Milton C. Nahm, Gordon Clark contributed the translations of the Democritean material, pages 154 to 207. Clark’s work is acknowledged both in the preface of the volume and in a footnote at the beginning of the section on Democritus. In the same footnote Clark’s professor-turned-colleague in the philosophy department at the University of Pennsylvania, Isaac Husik is also noted for his work in the revision of some paragraphs.
While the translations do not themselves indicate anything of Clark’s views, they do evidence his ability in the Greek language. And it was the ancient Attic Greek of the philosophers and not the later Koine Greek of the New Testament that Clark first learned.

Milton Charles Nahm (1903 – 1991) was a professor of philosophy at Bryn Mawr College from 1930 to 1972. He had earned a B. A. (1925), M. A. (1926), and Ph. D. (1923) at the University of Pennsylvania. Since Clark earned his B. A. in 1924 and Ph. D. in 1929 at Penn, his time as a student there would have overlapped with Nahm’s. They also were each members of the honorary fraternity Phi Beta Kappa, and in 1929 – 1930 they were each Instructors in Philosophy at Penn. Certainly Clark and Nahm would have known each other through their shared time at Penn.

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