State References in Townes Lyrics

Singer-songwriter Townes Van Zandt hailed from Texas, but often spent time in Colorado, Tennessee, and other U. S. states. Liking his music as I do, I’m apt to recall his lyrics whenever I travel to a state he mentions. So I’ve looked through his lyrics to find his references to various states. Here’s what I’ve found:
“Who farmed the Phoenix valley in Arizona land.” – Ira Hayes
“My home is Colorado, with her proud mountains tall.” – My Proud Mountains
“I’m going out to Denver, see if I can’t find that lovin’ Colorado girl of mine.” – Colorado Girl
“My brother died in Georgia some time ago.” – Marie
“Now to Minnesota where the rippling water fall.” – Wabash Cannonball
New Mexico:
“New Mexico ain’t bad lord, the people there they treat you kind.” – White Freightliner
“Lefty split for Ohio.” – Pancho and Lefty
“She told him to take care of me, she headed down to Tennessee.” – Waiting ‘Round to Die
“I said no deal; you can’t sell this stuff to me, no deal, I’m going back to Tennessee.” – No Deal
“Maybe we’ll move to Tennessee” – Pueblo Waltz
“She’s a girl from Tennessee. She’s long. She’s tall.” – Wabash Cannonball
“I got to kiss these lonesome Texas blues good-bye.” – Colorado Girl
“She lives way out the d train, but she’s Texas as can be.” – Brand New Companion
“Texas loving laying on my mind.” – Greensboro Woman
“Leave these Texas blues behind. See Susanna and Guy.” – Pueblo Waltz
And, an extra country bonus:
“Pancho met his match, you know. On the deserts down in Mexico” – Pancho and Lefty

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