Who teaches American Presbyterian history? (and what books do they assign?)

I was curious to know what courses the various Reformed seminaries teach on American Presbyterian history. And so I have canvassed some of them and found the following information:
Covenant Theological Seminary
The closest course CTS offers is “Reformation and Modern Church History.” It is taught by Dr. Dan Doriani. He tells me that they assign Church History, From Pre-Reformation to Present Day by John Woodbridge and Frank James along with readings of primary sources. (Bonus points for Dr. Doriani who says “I love Gordon Clark.”)
Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
GPTS has a courses on each “Modern Church History” and “Presbyterian Church History.” They also have electives on “American Religious History” and “Studies in Southern Presbyterian Theology.” I have not yet been able to ascertain what books are assigned or who teaches these courses, but I’ve contacted one of the history professors I know there.
New Geneva Theological Seminary
New Geneva has a course on “History of Presbyterian and Reformed Traditions.” But their president Dominic Aquila tells me that they have not taught this course in a while.
Puritan Theological Seminary
PTS has a course on “North American Church History.” It is currently taught by Dr. William VanDoodewaard. He tells me that they assign Mark Noll’s survey History of Christianity in the US and Canada along with readings of primary sources.
Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary
RPTS has a course on “Reformed Presbyterian History.” It is taught by Rev. Thomas Reid and requires reading the following books: The Scottish Covenanters, Vos; Transplanted to America, Carson; The Covenanters in Ireland, Loughridge; Reformed Presbyterian Church of Australia: 150th Anniversary, Stewart; The Covenanters in Canada, Hay; and The Covenanted Reformation, McMahon.
Reformed Theological Seminary
RTS offers a course on “History of Christianity II” at each of its campuses, but the course catalogue shows that this only covers church history up until the 19th century. There are also electives on “American Presbyterianism,” “ARP Church History,” and “Theology and History of Southern Presbyterianism.”
“American Presbyterianism” is taught on their “online campus” by Dr. Don Fortson and has for required reading The Presbyterian Enterprise by Armstrong, Loetscher, and Anderson; The Presbyterian Creed by S. Donald Forston, and The Presbyterian Controversy by Bradley J. Longfield.
“ARP Church History” is taught at the Charlotte campus by Rev. Kenneth J. McMullen and has for required reading a number of books on the history of the ARP by Ray King, Robert Lathan, Jock Purves, Lowry War, and James W. Gettys.
“Theology and History of Southern Presbyterianism” is listed as an offering but I was unable to find evidence of the course being taught.
Sangre de Cristo Seminary
The closest course SDCS offers is “Church History III.” Books include The Story of Christianity by Justo Gonzalez and 2000 Years of Christ’s Power by N. R. Needham. In recent years history courses at SDCS have been taught by Dr. Steve Adamson and Dr. Tony Felich.
Western Reformed Theological Seminary
WRTS lists courses on “The Modern Church,” The American Church,” “History of Reformed Orthodoxy,” and “Presbyterian Church History.” But the closest course for our present search is “American Reformed History.”
Westminster Theological Seminary – Philadelphia
The closest course WTS offers is “Church in the Modern Age.” It is taught by Jeffrey K. Jue.
Westminster Seminary California
The closest course WSC offers is “Church in the Modern Age.” They also offer an elective on “The History of American Presbyterianism.”
Some thoughts:
1. So far it appears that no two Reformed seminaries use the same books for courses on American Presbyterian history. This is a healthy diversity.
2. Most seminaries do not teach such a course on American Presbyterianism specifically, but only include material on American Presbyterian history within their broader 2 or 3 part series of courses on church history.
Are there other Reformed seminaries that I’ve missed? If so, what do they teach on American Presbyterian history?

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