Review of "The Philosophy of The Christian Curriculum" by Rousas J. Rushdoony

The Philosophy of The Christian Curriculum by Rousas J. Rushdoony, Vallecito, CA: Ross House Books, 1981, reprinted 2001, 190 pp.

In a book that essentially amounts to an extended quotation of Cornelius Van Til, the message of The Philosophy of The Christian Curriculum is clear: Secular BAAAAD . . . Christian GOOOOOD.
Though the book nowhere admits as much, it appears that it comprises various disconnected essays. That is, there seems to be no logical movement from one chapter to another nor any ordered alignment of topics. An occasional good point is made, but limited guidance on practical applications is provided.

Frankly this book reads like the ramblings of a cranky old know-it-all and displays little depth or nuance of understanding. “THE” Philosophy of The Christian Curriculum comes complete with a foreword written by the only person adequate for the job — the author himself, Rousas J. Rushdoony.

Complete with logical leaps like “History is not a social science; it is a theological science, because it is an aspect of God’s creation” (p. 40) and bizarre unexplained ideas like “As Christians we must affirm not only propositional truth but that words are miniature propositional truths” (p. 51), The Philosophy of The Christian Curriculum is bound to excite irrationalists everywhere.