Three David Steele's in American Church History.

One of my greatest interests is church history, particularly American Presbyterian church history. In my readings of such I’ve come across the name “David Steele” a number of times. But the widely diverse historical times and geographical locations mentioned in these references brought me to suppose that there was more than one individual by that name. Doing some research just now I’ve been able to make the following disambiguation which I hope might be of interest to other students of the history.
There are three prominent David Steele’s:
1. David Steele Sr. (1803 – 1887) was a leader of the Reformed Presbyterian Church (Covenanted) also known as the Steelites.
2. Dr. David Steele (1826 – 1906) was a Reformed Presbyterian pastor in Philadelphia and the editor of the Reformed Presbyterian Advocate.
3. David N. Steele (1925 – 1991) was the co-author of the excellent book Five Points of Calvinism, Defined, Defended, and Documented. He was a Baptist pastor in Arkansas.
So this isn’t even a fraction as confusing as Herod.