Which preacher has the most sermons on SermonAudio?

I thought of this question, “Which preacher has the most sermons on Sermonaudio.com?” after noticing that Dr. Joe Morecraft had over 2,000 sermons posted there. So is there anyone who has more than him? I don’t believe there is a way to sort by number of sermons, so we might just look up some prominent preachers and see what we find.
It seems that it is mostly Baptist and Presbyterian preachers whose sermons are uploaded on sermonaudio. It is highly doubtful that there is much interest in hearing a pentecostal sermon from years past or say some Joel Osteen material. Do liberals post their sermons in the same numbers as conservatives, I wonder?
Anyways, here is some of what I’ve found for some prominent pastors:
C. H. Spurgeon – 3,644 sermons
John MacArthur – 3,017 sermons
Dr. Joe Morecraft III – 2,618 sermons
Dr. Joel Beeke – 1,799 sermons
Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley – 1,344 sermons
Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. – 1,201 sermons
Dr. Bob Jones Sr. – 840 sermons
Dr. Carl McIntire – 724 sermons
Dr. Sinclair Ferguson – 660 sermons
Dr. R. C. Sproul – 531 sermons
Dr. Harry Reeder – 362 sermons
Dr. Morton Smith – 148 sermons
Martyn Lloyd-Jones – 135 sermons
And some preachers I know personally:
Anthony Dallison – 1,288 sermons
Dr. Richard Bacon – 1,205 sermons
Jeff Black – 1,063 sermons
Dr. Kenneth G. Talbot – 876 sermons
Richard Hicks – 190 sermons
Mike Chastain – 185 sermons
Ralph A. Rebandt – 151 sermons
Dr. Henry Krabbendam – 130 sermons
Kevin DeYoung – 21 sermons
Wayne Rogers – 20 sermons
David Engelsma – 11 sermons
But the greatest number on sermon audio might be:
Gregory N. Barkman – 5,859 sermons
I don’t even know who this is.

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