October 2017

Sanctification and its Means

Some concerns have been raised in regards to my last article “Sanctification: Clark, Robbins, and Piper.” Any concern there over the use of the term “synergism” in reference to the doctrines of sanctification and justification I believe I have adequately addressed in that article, and so shall not do so further here. Only, I should […]

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Sanctification: Clark, Robbins, and Piper

Monergists [mon (one) + erg (work)] hold that God works alone as the effective agent of man’s regeneration. Synergists [syn (together) + erg (work)], on the other hand, hold that man’s regeneration is a cooperative effort—a working together—of God and man. Gordon Clark, like all other Calvinists, was, naturally, a Monergist. Yet when we move

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On Distinctions in God’s One Will

Theologians frequently make distinctions within the one will of God. Some of these distinctions are valid, but others are invalid; erring in attributing to God contradictory desires. One valid distinction in God’s will is that between his revealed will and his hidden or secret will. This distinction merely states that there are some things which

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The Trinity, Part 2/2: Unity

[For Part I see here: https://douglasdouma.com/2017/10/04/the-trinity-part-12-various-interpretations/] If we reject Van Til’s “one person and three persons” language regarding the Trinity (and I suggest we do) and hold to some distinction between the sense(s) in which God is one and the sense(s) in which God is three, then we should positively identity those senses and note the

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An Alliterative Account

A partial play-by-play of Presbyterianism’s past. The 20th century: 1922 – Fosdick fights fundamentalist forces. 1923 – Machen’s manifest makes mincemeat of modernism. 1924 – Herman Hoeksema heads honorable Hollander hullabaloo. 1937 – Buswell’s BPC bans booze. 1944 – Cornelius complains concerning Clark’s comprehensibility conclusions. 1955 – Schaeffer starts Swiss chalet sheltering seeking souls. 1959

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