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  1. Very Cool, I Recognized Carl F. H. Henry, Edward John Carnell, Paul King Jewett, Paul Moser, Erwin Lutzer, Lars Granberg, Robert Knight Rudolph, Harold Lindsell, Kenneth G. Talbot, and Edmund P Clowney. please noted that Billy Graham is by far the most popular of Clark’s former students, so I did not see it necessary to list. I believe Lars Granberg also taught at Fuller Theological Seminary. Now of the Names I Recognized, It is neat to learn that Lutzer, Rudolph, Talbot, Clowney, and Moser were among his students. Thanks Doug, for sharing this information with the public. In the Book, “Reforming Fundamentalism: Fuller Seminary and the New Evangelicalism, George Marsden claimed that William Sanford LaSor studied with Clark at the University of Pennsylvania (page 45 footnote 19). Dr. LaSor was the professor of Old Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary and a Colleague of Henry, Carnell, Jewett, Granberg, and Lindsell.
    Again, I really like what you have shown us.

  2. Dear Doug:
    Can you clarify whether D. Clair Davis was a student of Gordon Clark from Wheaton College or Butler University?
    I gather from the Internet that Davis graduated from Wheaton College, Class of 1953.

  3. I Wonder If there is any Evidences that Christian apologist Dr. Robert A Morey studied under Gordon Haddon Clark at Covenant College. He makes this claim on his website: faithdefenders.com. According to his website, Dr. Morey graduated from Covenant College in 1969 with a B. A. This creates a problem because according “Contemporary Authors Online” a Research database, Professor Clark did not join the Covenant College until 1974. is Dr. Morey making a false claims?

    1. That is interesting! Lew me know if you find out about him or from him. Maybe he came back and took some classes while Clark was teaching there. Clark taught from 1974 to 1984 at Covenant.

  4. Greetings Doug and all,
    Thanks for adding my dear dad-in-law, Frank, onto the list. If it matters much, the Seminary he is president of is called City Seminary [of] Sacramento. You have the seminary’s name slightly out of order in this chart: “City Sacramento Seminary”. Sorry if too petty. 🙂
    Merry Christmas to you and let me know if you need help transcribing anything these days. Good work, señor 🙂
    Jaime R.

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