PCT Mile 77 – Julian, CA

Back on a trail.
My friend from the AT, Spoon and I are back at it on the PCT. I won’t be thru hiking this time, but rather am out for wherever 6 weeks takes me.
I had a great weekend in San Diego presenting my ministry at a church there. I was greatly blessed that my friend Clif from the seminary was able to drive me out there. While I was enjoying San Diego and the company of the family of Grant Van Leuven, pastor of Puritan Evangelical Church, Spoon started hiking from Mexico. I came out on Monday and met him at Mt. Laguna, some 40 miles down the trail.
We started hiking at 1 that afternoon and made 14 miles before finding a nice campsite in the boulder field at mile 55. Earlier we stopped for dinner, and because of the hot sun I ate a liquid  peanut butter and Nutella on rye sandwich. Spoon is sponsored by a food brand called Camp Chow out of Grand Marais MN. Their food is quite good. I had some of his brocolli cheese pork and then the beef stroganoff with rice.
Since there was no rain I slept out under the stars and it is outstanding.
On day two we hiked 5 miles down the trail and then 7 miles on a road towards Julian, CA before catching a ride on a 1978 Jeep the rest of the way, 4 miles. So we got to town early and are going to enjoy a stay here.
Ive got some bad blisters from heat. Spoon has a few too. There are lots of hikers here in town, and we met Carmen who is a trail angel of sorts who gave us a free hug and a free beer.
Other notes: I had a few people at the church in San Diego ask how to donate to my ministry, Sola. That is encouraging.
Well, I’m typing this all with smart phone and will see if I can add photos too.

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