Preface to "The Presbyterian Philosopher"

I’ve finally submitted my manuscript of “The Presbyterian Philosopher – The Authorized Biography of Gordon H. Clark” to a publisher. I’m praying that it is accepted and can be published in a good time frame. Until then, I wanted to post the preface of the book here. The preface is written by Clark’s daughters, whom I’m thrilled to have on board with this project. Here it is:

This biography is the result of the tireless efforts of the author in researching the life of Gordon Haddon Clark. So many facts, both trivial and momentous, have been uncovered in Clark’s books and correspondence, that we, his children, have been surprised at learning new details about our father, whom we thought we knew so well!
To many, he was a philosopher, since philosophy is what he taught full-time in four colleges and universities and part-time in at least four other institutions during his sixty-year career. To others, he was a theologian who was faithful to Jesus Christ and relentless in attempting to clarify perplexing passages from the Bible, so that Christians could be consistently “sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” (Heb. 11:1). To a small flock, he was a kind shepherd with a gentle heart. And to a few, he was a driven chess devotee.
To us, his two daughters, he was a patient father who taught us Scripture and Catechism, encouraged us to expand academic pursuits, develop musical talents, or follow whatever interests we had. His emphasis on learning foreign languages has been useful, and a source of joy, throughout our lives. He and our mother established the routine of a quiet home, but the calendar always included summer vacations that took us to fascinating places from Maine to California, with the high point of our teenage years being a marvelous and unforgettable four-month trip to Europe.
To you, the readers of the volume, may this man become a guide to wider experience and deeper thought. But primarily, may he become to you a true brother in Christ, our Lord.
We are thankful to Doug Douma for the years of work he has spent collecting and organizing material from various sources to show what an unusual man Gordon Clark was, and what an impact his writing has had on countless numbers of serious students of philosophy and Christianity. We appreciate this labor of love so very much.
To God be all the glory!
Lois Antoinette Zeller
Elizabeth Clark George

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  1. Congratulations! The preface was excellent. Looking forward to reading it in print soon.

  2. Congratulations! The preface was excellent. Looking forward to reading it in print soon.

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