A 1957 Adoption

The following story involving Gordon Clark is taken from “Horn Creek and All” by Douglas Toussaint, self-published, 1984. 49-50.
“It so happened that the minister of the First United Lutheran Church of Indianapolis, Indiana had taken under his care a Latvian woman who was far very far down on her luck. She had the misfortune to fall in love with a starry-eyed Hungarian revolutionary, who swept her off her feet and onto the strange soil of America. But, dreams of freedom not being the stuff dreams actually come to, the revolutionary packed his bags and went home. Leaving behind a young mother with two children, and another on the way. It was apparent to the pastor that she couldn’t handle the responsibility of a third child, not alone, not yet, and he feared for the newborn babe’s safety. The pastor mentioned to a friend of his, a Dr. Clark, about the situation, and asked him if he knew of any young couple that would very much like to adopt a baby. Dr. Clark, who would become Dwight Zeller’s father in-in-law one day, thought immediately of Paul and Jean Zeller, who just happened to be home for Christmas.”
The story continues that after the pastor spent much time convincing the mother that the child would have a superior life in the American west over the industrial city, she agreed to give the baby up to the Zellers for adoption. The older two kids soon also were adopted to the same family.
As for Dr. Clark, I think this account is in error. He already was the father-in-law of Dwight Zeller by the time, 1957. His daughter Lois having married Dwight in 1955.