Update on the Biography of Gordon Clark, part 13.

It has been a while since I made an update regarding the biography I’m writing on Gordon H. Clark. This project has somewhat turned out to be what I heard called in MBA school a “S-shaped” project. In a S-shaped project the big progress comes in the middle, but at the end it almost hits an asymptote. That is to say, the final tasks are time consuming.
In the biography project the final tasks are somewhat out of my control. I’m waiting on a number of reviewers of the biography before seeking a publisher. But there are some items of progress to note on the book and related items:
1. Dr. Clark’s daughters (Lois and Betsy) have completed a preface to the book.
2. At the Gordon H. Clark foundation we’ve completed posting almost all of his known unpublished writings and 29 out of 34 known audio recording transcripts.
3. GHC grandson Nathan Clark George is making some progress on getting Dr. Clark’s systematic theology published. Even RC Sproul Sr. wants to read it. Maybe we can get him to read and/or endorse the biography as well? That would be huge.
4. I’ve been in contact with a lady who is writing a history of women in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. She has provided me with some interesting letters from the 1940s. I hope to receive more of those.
I’ll be taking a break from the bio for a few months while I travel to L’Abri in Switzerland over the Winter. I’m also starting a new book – a history of Horn Creek Camp and Sangre de Cristo Seminary. So this will keep me occupied while I wait for book reviewers to complete their readings and comments on the biography.

2 thoughts on “Update on the Biography of Gordon Clark, part 13.”

  1. Hey Doug,
    Great idea to write on the history of the camp and seminary. I think I would like to read that! I liked your recent post about the adoption.
    Also exciting that you’re going to L’Abri!
    Frank (I visited Sangre late in the summer of 2014)

  2. I have always thought that a decent study guide on Romans can be compiled from GHC’s Biblical Expositor article on Romans, his article on Romans 6, and other material on Romans found elsewhere (for example, his introduction to Steele and Thomas’ Romans study guide and material on Romans 9 in his Predestination book). Add some sidebars, study questions, suggestions for further reading, incorporate some reformed catechism questions throughout, and you will have a potent tool for church planters and ministers. Translate it in Spanish, too!!!

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