Update on the Biography of Gordon Clark, part 12.

This should be a good month in my work on Gordon Clark. For one, I plan to contact at least 3 publishers by months-end. I’m also getting close to finishing the transcriptions of all of Clark’s works and letters. Out of 760 letters, about 690 are transcribed. And out of about 360 documents of Clark’s and his father’s all but 3 are transcribed. I hope to finish both of these sets of transcriptions by the end of the month.
My copy editor has done great work recently in getting all of the footnotes to match the Chicago Manual of Style. An intelligent “Clarkian” is reviewing the manuscript for theological and other matters, and I’ve sent off the full manuscript for review with a number of professors and Clark family members.
Since I’ve never published a book, I have little idea how long this will take. So much of it is dependent on other people’s work.
Well, the book is to a status that I’m quite proud of. But the nature of the topic is such that the book can’t cover everything and what it does cover will only be quite imperfectly done. Yet there are some sections that I’m genuinely proud of and think will make a significant contribution to scholarship.
And I think with all this Gordon Clark knowledge, pretty soon I’ll start doing my reading and writing on theology proper.

3 thoughts on “Update on the Biography of Gordon Clark, part 12.”

  1. Grant Van Leuven

    Dear Mr. Douma,
    I have been in some conversations with a church that may end up building a new denomination with us and is now looking for a new pastor. I have some contacts I know personally to explore with, but I have enjoyed your blogs and due to your appreciation of Gordon Clark I expect would be more likely to have more in common with this church on a number of topics (although they do not calk themselves Clarkian nor Van Tilian).
    This may seem presumptuous, but I wondered if you might have interest in hearing about this open pastorate. I’d be happy to chat about it with you and if you’d have interest in getting acquainted with them I could give you their contact information. Maybe even just to provide some pulpit supply in a rotation.
    I also would welcome the opportunity to get personally acquainted with this impetus as an excuse to do so.
    Please let me know if you’d be interested in chatting.
    Grant Van Leuven, Pastor Puritan Evangelical Church puritanchurch.com

    1. Grant,
      I’m quite flattered that you would consider me for such a position. At this time, however, I am a seminary student and not in position to assume such a role. I’m about half way through a 3 year seminary program.
      I would love to hear more about your church. Please email me: douglasdouma@yahoo.com.

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