Clark Books

Dr. Clark’s daughter has an overstock of these books, which I’m selling for her.
Rather than selling them one-by-one, which was too time-consuming, this year I’m offering this lot of 16 books for $80. That is $5/book. Free shipping.
If you’d like them, send me a check at
Douglas Douma
6160 CR 130
Westcliffe, CO 81252

10 thoughts on “Clark Books”

  1. Hey doug,
    Put aside one lot of the 16 books for 80.00 for me. At the end of june I’ll send you a check from my us account. I have to wait to set up access so I can fund it.

  2. I’m just checking if you have any books left. I’m a new “convert” to Clark via The Trinity Foundation.

  3. I would like to buy them. I need to speak with my wife and see wherever finances are first. I will let you know for sure on Friday.

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