Update on the Biography of Gordon Clark, part 10.

It is tedious to write a book when often new pieces of information come to light and sections must be re-written!
I’ve found a few new GHC letters recently in the collection I photocopied at the PCA archives. I also found a high school essay of Clark’s on the back of his math homework in his old textbook. It is about a “crime wave” in Philadelphia in 1918! Probably nothing compared to today! I also am thankful of John Muether, the biographer of Van Til, for sending me a copy of letter of Van Til’s from 1945.
Today I got a good email from John Frame telling of his personal interactions with Dr. Clark. Some interesting items, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to intertwine them with the story I have going so far.
I’ve been working on writing a section of the biography on a Clark – Van Til personal reconciliation later in life. This is very exciting. There are still a few details however to clear up.
And a former student of Clark’s (who’s parents where also students of his!) is close to finding her father’s archived correspondence with Clark. This should help clear up some details from around the mid 1970s when Clark visited Geneva College to teach.
Finally, a previously unknown audiotape of Clark lecturing on Augustine has been found at the RPTS library and is hopefully being digitized. I expect to hear back from them tomorrow.
I spent some time reviewing and editing my first 3 chapters and am quite happy with them. Still a lot of editing to do on the remaining chapters however.
If anyone does have any contacts in the publishing industry, I’d be glad to have them. I’d like to talk to Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing as well as Eerdmans, or any other good publishers. This is not only for my biography, but also related to two other projects working to publish some of Clark’s previous unpublished material. One of these projects I’d like to do is publish his letters. I’ve found 683 so far, but maybe I could sort out the best 150 of them and make a compendium. The other project is somewhat on the down low, but is quite exciting.

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  1. I hope the book would be available in e-book. I am thinking of translating it into Indonesian. E-book would make easier for me to do the translation.

    1. I’m still a ways out from finding a publisher for the regular book. But,when we do get it published, I might be able to get the OK for others to publish in other languages. In that event I can send you PDF copies of the finalized chapters to translate.

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