Update on the Biography of Gordon Clark, Part 9

I’ve completed the first draft of the biography, but am still coming across new information. One area that I’m working on is a later-life reconciliation between Clark and Van Til.
I’ve confirmed that GHC taught at Geneva College in the Fall of 1974.
I’ve been making progress on analyzing the Clark case in the OPC in the 1940s. Erick Nieves has been helping me significantly. An audiotape interview of Edmund Clowney in 1991 that I’m hoping to get from the WTS library may shed more light on this episode.
I’ve interviewed GHC’s former art teacher – Ed Kellogg from Covenant College an have written up a section related to art for the biography.
Also, James Hurley, a former Covenant professor with Clark will be interviewed in the coming weeks.
I’m hoping to write some of the history of the Trinity Foundation. They are looking for relevant materials. I’ve been in touch with John Robbin’s widow Linda and have sent her interview questions.
John Frame is reading the biography draft and has made encouraging comments.
Perhaps most exciting of all, I’ve discovered new audio of Dr. Clark – a lecture on Augustine kept at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary library.