May 11, 1962. Special Report: Encountering Barth in Chicago

After much searching I’ve finally found back issues of Christianity Today. Gordon Clark wrote a number of articles for CT in the 1960’s. Included was one on Karl Barth’s speech at the University of Chicago. It seems Carl F.H. Henry, the editor of CT, was out of the country on business and so hired Clark to be his correspondent at this historic event.
In the early 60’s Clark spent much effort studying and writing on Barth’s theology. And so it was a great opportunity to see the man. Although Clark never had the opportunity to speak with Barth, his former student Edward Carnell did. Carnell was one of a few select scholars allowed to ask Barth a question. Evident in Clark’s appraisal of Barth is also a critique of Carnell whom Clark saw as abandoning the inerrancy of Scripture in Carnell’s comments to Barth.
A number of other Clark articles exist from CT in the 60s and 70s. But I only have the back issues for 1960-1964 presently. If anyone else has these articles, I’d be glad to see them.
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Special Report 1
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