Update on the Biography of Gordon Clark, Part 8

Well, it looks like it has been almost 2 months since my last update.
Let’s see. Here are some things that have happened or are happening.
1) A few helpful editors are doing great work for me pro bono! You guys rock!
2) I found a letter from Edward Carnell to Gordon Clark at the Fuller Seminary archives. This brings my collection to 670 letters!
3) I hired a student at Westminster-Philly to get some stuff from their archives. These letters and files continue to add to my understanding of just what happened in the OPC in the 1940s related to Clark’s ordination.
4) I’m getting closer to accessing 2 more collections of letters. I feel that it is best at this point not to announce which letters these are. Each of these collections will be of significant help in writing chapters on Clark’s later life.
5) I’m pretty well satisfied with my research and writing on the first 6 chapters of the book now. There are essentially 2 chapters left to write.
6) Along with a few important people I’m working with, we’re starting to consider publishers. This will be difficult. As it is with any book. Publishing is not easy. I welcome any suggestions my readers here could give on potential publishers for such a book as this. There are 3 that I’m considering, but need to keep on the down low – probably that is best.