Update on the Biography of Gordon Clark, Part 7

Anyone who thinks a book project is entirely first research and then writing would be quite wrong. As I write about a particular era I find that more research is necessary. When research discovers new items, I have new areas to write about. And the cycle goes on.
I managed to visit an archives in person for the first time on this project. Most of my other research has been from helpful archivists or students I’ve paid to copy items for me at their respective colleges. So this past weekend I spent two days in St. Louis at the PCA archives working with their archivist, Wayne Sparkman, to find more material for my biography project. I think it was a worthwhile trip despite the fact that we are reaching the point of diminishing marginal returns with this collection.
I do have other collections I’m working with and more I’m hoping to work with soon. In the meanwhile I’ve driven across the country and set up shop back at Seminary. I’ve been working on editing each of the first four chapters. It seems with each read-through there are dozens of items found for improvement. Eventually this should end, right?
The second half of the book has chapters that I’ve mostly just outlined and crammed content into. These need to be finessed. I think next up on the docket is to read some of Clark’s books from the mid-late period of his life. One of the few books of his that I haven’t read is “Karl Barth’s Theological Method.” As I have a chapter that deals significantly with Barth, I’ll have to digest this difficult book.