Update on the Biography of Gordon Clark, Part 5

Some updates since last time:
Using the standard estimate of 250 word per page, I’ve now written about 175 pages of my biography on Gordon Clark. There is still a lot of work to do, but I’d like to keep it to about 300 pages in total. I want this to be read, not used as ballast.
Last weekend I read through about 40% of Clark’s sermons from the PCA archives. It turns out a large number of these sermons are actually of his father’s (David S. Clark). The earliest date back to 1899. But many of the sermons were Clark’s as well. Some were basic outlines and others fully written down.
I read “Princeton Theology” by Mark Knoll in “Reformed Theology in America.”
For those who may not have already seen, Dr. Talbot at Whitefield Seminary now has the Gordon H. Clark Institute website up and running. Check it out: http://thegordonhclarkfoundation.com He also has posted an article combating the allegations of Nestorianism in Clark.
I just wrote a letter to Milton Fisher, a former acquaintance of Dr. Clark.
I’ve ordered two more rare books on interlibrary loans. One is a Ph.D. dissertation of a history of the high school Clark attended. Another is a history of the Associate Church in which his grandfather was ordained.
Based on some feedback from a reviewer, I wrote thesis statements for each of my chapters.
I found 49 more articles written by GHC in the Southern Presbyterian Journal.
I re-wrote parts of my chapter on Wheaton College, and made some grammar improvements throughout the book. I’m not really a writer, but If I work on this project long enough it will eventually be readable, I hope. Plus I’ve got some really great help including my twin brother who has a Ph.D. in History. This is particularly useful as my biography is firstly historical and only secondarily theological.
I decided on adding a new chapter to the biography. So it is now planned for 9 chapters.
However, I’m still looking for a good contact at WTS to work for me in copying some items from the archives there. I’ve had one email from a student that might help, but I really need someone who is more quickly responsive. I’m an email-rapidly kind of person. I can’t work well with those who check email once a week.