Update on the Biography of Gordon Clark, Part 2

Some recent items of note.
1. I’ve got a scanned copy of Raymond Acker’s 1965 “A History of Reformed Episcopal Seminary” which has helped verify a few pieces of information and bring to light a new one – Gordon Clark’s donated his father’s books to the Seminary upon the elder Clark’s death in 1939.
2. I should soon be receiving a rare book – a collection of letters of Gordon Clark’s rich uncle in his trip around the world in 1923.
3. Further research into the Clark family history has brought to light a number of facts about their church involvement in Scotland. And even a family connection to a famous individual!
4. I’m starting to write on some of the difficult issues which Clark addressed later in life – the trinity, the incarnation, and paradox.
5. My editor is starting work this week to improve what I’ve written so far.
6. A contact at Wheaton college will soon be sending me the correspondence of Gordon Clark and Carl F.H. Henry. I’ve already amassed 316 of Clark’s letters and this promises to add dozens more.
7. I’m continuing to make new contacts with scholars (both Clarkian and Van Tillian) as well as former acquaintances of Dr. Clark. I’ve spoken now with over two dozen people who knew him.
8. C.Jay Engel of ReformedLibertarian.com has conducted a preliminary interview with me and will later be making a audio blog post regarding the biography.
9. I’ve been making progress on my chapter about the Ordination controversy in the OPC. I feel that I need to be the most thorough on this chapter as it is a politically charged topic.
10. Another rare book, D.S. Clark’s “Rationalism, Past and Present, 1936” should be coming into my hands shortly. This book, written by Gordon Clark’s father, was written near the end of D.S. Clark’s life. In a letter of Cornelius Van Til to Gordon Clark, the book is mentioned as Van Til was reviewing it at the time.
Lots more work to go…