The Preconditions of Knowledge, Part 2

On the last post I had 4 items which were listed as Preconditions of Knowledge.  These items are required preconditions to any epistemology in that not meeting these criteria makes knowledge impossible, thus defeating the epistemologies own implied claim to be a true.  Item 3 of the last post is “A process must exist by which to distinguish truth from falsity.”  Upon this item I’d like to elaborate.
What would such a process look like?  It seems it would need the following:
A. A method by which knowledge about an object can be extracted from the object.
B. A medium in which knowledge is transferred from the object to the subject.
C. A method by which knowledge is brought into the mind of the subject.
How might these be satisfied in a Christian philosophy?  Is the medium perhaps the Logos, the divine logical/reasoning that gives light to all men?  What about A and C?  I’m not sure.