The Book Business, Week 2

I’ve had a couple slows days only selling 1 book per day, but I just sold 2 textbooks today so that made me happy.  Plus they were to the same person, so I was able to bundle them and save on shipping some.
On Monday I felt like I wasn’t building my inventory fast enough with my current channels and so went Door-to-Door.  It turns out people will just give you their old books, so I don’t even make money offers.  I spent a couple hours knocking on doors and actually only got books from two different houses, but I left my number with 3 others who promised to give me a large quantity of books as soon as they were able to sort through their collection.
So right now I’ve got 7 good leads for large collections of books, plus my standard retinue of places to find books: discarded from the library and those at the thrift store.  I downloaded the Amazon scanner app last night and can now use my iPad to price check books.  When I get a chance to go to a bigger city I’ll hit up their Goodwill and scan the promising books for profit margins.
Because I’ve sold now sold a certain quantity of books, Amazon has required that I fill out a 1099 tax form.  Since my sales would be on hold until I followed through, I just went ahead and filled it out.  As a libertarian I was really hoping to fly under the radar with this business, but as a Christian I’ll just obey the laws so as to stay out of trouble.