The Pastor who tries hard and the one who doesn't.

Overwhelmed, sitting in his office, the pastor is at a loss for an answer. His parishioners come to him one by one and two by two asking difficult questions. He studied for many years and thought he knew the answers.  But the people are not coming to Christ.  What has he done wrong, he asked?  The burden is on his shoulders. The church is not growing in numbers. His life’s mission of evangelism is failing.
Blessed by visits from his parishioners, the pastor is thrilled to point them to the Scriptures for answers. They come in droves and the answers come likewise. He studied for many years and knows that he cannot know answers but those given from God.  That the people do not come to Christ does not detract from his preaching of the Gospel, but urges him ever onward. The Gospel and it’s power bellows from his voice. His life’s mission is that of all Christians; proclaim the glory of God and the love of Jesus Christ, the one who failed not in his mission.