The Book Business

Not even a week ago I got the idea to start a business selling used books online.  Since then, with a few minor investments, I’ve acquired a library of 131 different titles and about 800 books total.  In the first week I sold 17 books totaling $200.  It has been averaging 2 or 3 books sold per day.
My plan is to scale up this business 10 fold.
The trick is to get books with some value (more than $5) and pay little or nothing for them.  I’ve found a few sources that are inexhaustible:
– Unwanted and passed over books at the ministry I volunteer at
– Discarded library books at the town library
– A local thrift store which is allowing me to bring my computer in and search the price of each book and then buy accordingly if I can make profit.
In addition to these sources, I’ve purchased no longer needed new seminary textbooks from the office (which are selling quite well), and books from two people here at the seminary.
Lastly I’ve acquired a library of 683 Gordon Clark books (mostly brand new) from the Trinity Foundation that were given here as royalty payments.
Although I may have a job coming up driving an Amish man to Denver, all of my attempts at getting a job have fallen flat.  So, this book business came about.  This is far better anyways, as I can do the work in my spare time and it’s really quite easy.  You just have to be detailed oriented to avoid sending the wrong book to the wrong person.
It has been exciting to have the book sales come in.  I’ve been a bit down lately, so this is nice to have.  I’ve been sick all weekend, but also often finding too much quiet time here at the Seminary.  This would be good if we were working out theological issues, but it’s all Greek and Preaching this semester.  I have not resolved any of my theological problems.  I don’t really feel like I’m growing a lot (except Greek and Preaching of course). But, there are still many semesters yet ahead which I’m looking forward too.  And if I can get a church internship I’ll see more practical matters and find ways to keep busy.
Oh yeah, I want to sell your used books!  If you’re around here that is.