Various Notes

Note 1: Akkadian
I’m studying the ancient Akkadian language.  This is not a course in Seminary, but an interest of mine. Akkadian, named after the city of Akkad in ancient Mesopotamia, is a Semitic language (along with Hebrew, Ugaritic, and others).  For over a thousand years the Sumerian language was in its ascendency in the region. At some point, it is theorized, the Semitic Akkadian people migrated to the region from the West, around modern day Syria or Lebanon. Over the centuries the Akkadian people slowly grew in numbers and power until in the 24th century B.C., Sargon the Great of Akkad conquered the Sumerians and formed an empire. Although the Akkadian Empire lasted only about 350 years, the Akkadian language   survived (while Sumerian died out) and remained the language of the Babylonian and Assyrian empires that would follow.  The Akkadian Empire fell around the turn of the 2nd millennium B.C. to the Amorites. This is around the time Abraham which makes me wonder if the political anarchy in the Tigris/Euphrates region at the time caused him to migrate away from the region; from Ur of the Chaldees to Canaan.
The Akkadian word “uznum” means both “ear” and “understanding.” So, it is to listen that is to understand.
Note 2: Jobs
Getting a part-time job in this region of rural Colorado while studying at Seminary has proved elusive. After contacting various places of employment and finding that they were not hiring, I grabbed on to the idea of driving the Amish.  A contact I knew is moving from town and gave my number to his Amish clients. They have not called.  Perhaps they have a sufficient pool of drivers and no need to contact an unknown.  So, in my lack of job and corresponding surplus of time I’ve struck a new idea; tutoring.  I’m seeking out some students to tutor. I think it will be along the line of math/physics, but am open to other subjects.
But, on the second job front, I’m also looking for employment for the off-season from Seminary.  I’ll have about 5 1/2 months off.  I’ve had a couple strong leads from a ton of applications and am hoping something comes through officially before December. I’m targeting Engineering jobs in Colorado Springs where I’ll be reasonably near the Seminary and a church I hope to intern at.
Note 3: Nose
I look like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer with my inflamed nose from the dry air here in Colorado.  I’m trying a variety of approaches to remedy the situation.
Note 4: Greek
The majority of the course work with semester is Greek language. It has been going quite well and is an enjoyable course. We’ve really made quite a bit of progress and I’m able to read portions of the New Testament in it’s original language although still quite slowly and with difficulty. This will continue to improve as we study the language over the course of Seminary.
Note 5: Latin
Like Akkadian, this is a language we do not learn at Seminary and which I’ve decided to teach myself. I’ve got “Wheelocks Latin” and am just starting out on it.
Note 6: Care/Share
I’ve been volunteering the past month on Fridays and Saturday at the Care/Share center in Westcliffe.  I actually don’t know what it is really called.  It might be the Caring Center, or the Caring and Sharing Center, or the Care Share Center, or some other permutation of these names.  It must have been in God’s plans for me not to get a part-time job because instead I’ve been able to work there (whatever it is called) and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  On both Friday’s and Saturday we get about 40 patrons who pick up donated food and clothing.  I’ve also heard the place called the “Free Store.”  Whatever it’s name it is quite a blessing to a number of people in the area.  All along the Appalachian Trail I was helped out by a number of ministries, such as church-run hostels, and I’m glad to now give some back.