Book Learnin'

If any of my readers would like to support a Seminary student (a.k.a ME) here is a list of books I’d like to study. Please buy them for me! Send them to (Doug Douma, 6160 Country Rd #130, Westcliffe CO, 81252) and I will be massively in your debt. I consider myself a “free-agent” theologically at the moment. Although I’m mostly influenced by Gordon Clark’s scripturalism (and the associated Supralapsarianism) and historic Lutheranism, I’m still trying to figure things out. I especially need to study along the lines of Presbyterianism considering that I’m intending to become ordained in that church. Since I am a free-agent here is your opportunity to convince me of your viewpoint by sending me persuasive books. Here are the books I’d like to read but would gladly accept others.
A Grammar of Akkadian – John Huehnergard (I tend to gravitate to the most difficult subjects possible. Hey, why not learn Akkadian cuneiform)
A Introduction to Ugaratic – John Huehnergard (This is another difficult language, and one supposedly related to Hebrew. I should learn this too for no other reason than I can.)
A Summary of Christian Doctrine – Edward Koehler (I’ve read this book before, but do not have a copy. This is a Lutheran systematic theology book and it’s quite excellent as I recall)
Christian Dogmatics (4 Volumes) – Francis Pieper (A Lutheran systematic theology.
Any other suggestions?